How To Find Pet Friendly Hostels

There are a growing number of pet-friendly hotels and pet-friendly resorts for travelers but finding any pet-welcoming hostels is fairly difficult at best. Most people associate hostels with dorm rooms and backpackers but hostels aren’t necessarily comprised of either. You can save money by making your next vacation stop in a pet-friendly hostel but you have to find them first.

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UpTake Hostel Search

Both the big hostel booking engines HostelWorld and HostelBookers don’t have search filters for pets but travel planning site UpTake does. Searching for pet friendly hostels is a bit clunky and involves searching for a city, then filtering for pet friendly results followed by hostels. It’s not nearly the most intuitive process to follow and what exactly makes a hostel “pet friendly” isn’t clearly defined. You’ll have to call the actual establishment for more details but UpTake gives you a good number of results to sift through for most major cities.

Specific City Results

uptake pet friendly hostel searchAs I mentioned there are slim pickings for good pet friendly hostel resources and most are scattered throughout the Internet. There is some good information pet friendly hostels in Ireland and highlights that Google is your best friend. Searching for city-specific “pet friendly hostels” seems to turn up the most results, especially in the US, UK, and other pet friendly international cities.

A Lack Of Choices To Choose From?

It might be that there simply aren’t enough pet friendly hostels out there (or enough people searching for them). If you know of any good resources I’d love to hear them and especially so if you own or work at a pet friendly hostel yourself. Feel free to leave links back to your hostel below and let us know why it’s pet friendly.

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