Welcome to How To Travel With Pets, the website dedicated to pet owners who love to travel with their pets and want them well taken care of when they can’t come along. Traveling with pets usually requires good preparation before your trip and doing the proper research beforehand. Most animals are naturally migratory and travel comes instinctively to them. It’s up to you as their owner to know how to make your travels fit this natural inclination.

How To Travel With Pets is a website that is for human travelers but dedicated to the animals and pets you love. I’ll show you how to bring your pets with you when possible and how to keep them happy when they have to stay behind. Help add to the discussion with your personal advice and experiences.

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How to Travel With Pets On Trains

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While the most common way to travel with pets is likely by car, train travel has increased in popularity in the last few years. As people adopted pets in 2020 more than ever, they want to bring their furry friends along for the ride. We’re here to tell you more about traveling by train and […]

Guide To Planning A Pet-Friendly Road Trip


If you aren’t ready to travel internationally yet, or if borders are still locked down, a road trip is a great option to satisfy the travel bug in you. Try planning a road trip with your furry friend in mind, while international travel with pets remains a bit more complicated these days. A domestic road […]

How To Travel with Pets During COVID

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Our day-to-day lives have changed, and more people adopted pets during the Covid-19 pandemic. People are getting back to travel, and airlines have made domestic and international travel with pets over the last year more difficult, but that doesn’t mean taking your furry friend is impossible. While planning travel with pets can be a daunting […]

Make International Travel With Your Pets Simpler By Following These Basic Guidelines

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The first time you begin planning to take your dog or cat with you on a flight across international borders it can seem like a daunting undertaking. As most people find out after their initial outing, traveling with your pets is easier once you become familiar with the general process. These are the most important […]

What Makes A City Pet-Friendly?

Those of you who travel with pets are often on the lookout for pet-friendly cities, but what features exactly make a place more accommodating to your animals than others? It comes down to cities that have the most places that allow your pet to join you in three critical areas: hotels, restaurants, and parks/hiking trails. […]

What Your Dog Already Knows About Travel And Can Teach You

Dogs are remarkably adaptive animals who can teach us a lot about life and travel if we avoid ascribing our own human limitation on them. Their inherent flexibility and natural instincts for exploration and survival have taught me a lot about about it means to be a good traveler. Their philosophies are simple ones that […]

Answers To Some Of Your Most Common Questions About Traveling With Pets

Traveling anywhere with your cat or dog can be a daunting experience, most often in the initial planning stages, particularly on your first trip. (Then, your first trip internationally due to the added restrictions and preparation that’s often required.) Some of the same questions however keep coming up in my inbox – the answers to […]

Dogs Not Allowed At The Hoover Dam

A side trip many visitors to Las Vegas make is visiting the Hoover Dam and the surrounding hills to take pictures as well as hike. Approximately 35 miles away, many pet owners staying in that surprisingly pet friendly city may assume the outdoor nature of the Hoover Dam an ideal place to give their dog […]