Answers To Some Of Your Most Common Questions About Traveling With Pets

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Traveling anywhere with your cat or dog can be a daunting experience, most often in the initial planning stages, particularly on your first trip. (Then, your first trip internationally due to the added restrictions and preparation that’s often required.) Some of the same questions however keep coming up in my inbox – the answers to […]

Dogs Not Allowed At The Hoover Dam

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A side trip many visitors to Las Vegas make is visiting the Hoover Dam and the surrounding hills to take pictures as well as hike. Approximately 35 miles away, many pet owners staying in that surprisingly pet friendly city may assume the outdoor nature of the Hoover Dam an ideal place to give their dog […]

A Primer For Flying With Pugs

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Many dog owners are often apprehensive about taking their pets with them on a plane ride but, pug owners especially, may be weary due to some specifics common to the breed. Breathing problems, sensitivity to temperature, and their small size might have you wondering if and how it’s best to fly with your pug. All […]

How To Travel With Pets In The Pet Blogger Challenge

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Today How To Travel With Pets is taking a slight detour from the usual and participating in the Pet Blogger Challenge. Inspired by Go Pet Friendly and Will My Dog Hate Me, I thought it a good opportunity to take a look back and forward for How To Travel With Pets at the top of […]

Information On Traveling With Your Pets In Turkey

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Bringing your pets into Turkey from abroad is a fairly routine affair when arriving from many countries around the world. The process is not all-too-different than entering a western European nation with your cat or dog. You might be wondering what it’s like to actually travel in Turkey with your pets, whether you’re planning a […]

How To Find Pet Friendly Hostels

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There are a growing number of pet-friendly hotels and pet-friendly resorts for travelers but finding any pet-welcoming hostels is fairly difficult at best. Most people associate hostels with dorm rooms and backpackers but hostels aren’t necessarily comprised of either. You can save money by making your next vacation stop in a pet-friendly hostel but you […]

5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Calm During Long Distance Travel

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This is a guest post by Sarah Danielson who writes for Pitbulls, where you can find information on training, health, diet, and food for the popular and often misunderstood breed. Traveling can be a pretty big hassle these days, even if you only have to worry about yourself. But throw a pet in the mix […]

4 Airlines Your Pets Can Earn Frequent Flyer Miles On

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There are a number of ways human travelers can make use of frequent flyer miles but most don’t know that pets traveling with them can help earn miles too. There aren’t too many programs out there and some have come and gone but if you’re flying with your pets on any of these airlines, you […]

5 Useful Pet Travel Websites


Whether you’re planning or thinking about traveling with your dog, cat or other pets, there are many useful online resources at your disposal. With these listed sites you can plan your next trip with your pet, find out any of the applicable rules and regulations, and get advice from people who travel extensively with their […]