How To Travel with Pets During COVID

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Our day-to-day lives have changed, and more people adopted pets during the Covid-19 pandemic. People are getting back to travel, and airlines have made domestic and international travel with pets over the last year more difficult, but that doesn’t mean taking your furry friend is impossible. While planning travel with pets can be a daunting thought, there are ways to make it easier for you and your furry friends.

Plan Ahead

Make sure you check airline regulations for pets and cargo pet transport, as many rules have changed due to Covid travel restrictions and quarantine procedures. Quarantine procedures for humans may still be in place, and there may be similar procedures set in place for pets as well. You may even be able to earn frequent flyer miles for your pet!

Make Sure You Know The Rules At Your Destination

Not only do you have to worry about whether an airline will accept your pet, but you also need to check whether Fido is allowed at your planned destinations. Dogs aren’t allowed at the Hoover Dam, for example, even though other popular destinations in the area are pet friendly.

Get Ready To Go

As always, make sure you prime your pet for travel but getting them used to a crate or carrier. You don’t want the day you travel to be the first time your pet sees the inside of a crate or carrier, and don’t forget to bring toys and treats. This will help keep your dog or cat calm the day of your trip.

Take A Road Trip Instead

If traveling by air just doesn’t look like it’ll work out, consider taking a road trip instead. This way, you’re more able to plan your trip with your pet in mind, and it’ll be easier to find pet friendly hotels and hostels. Renting an RV or a sprinter van has become a popular option for travelers who want to bring their furry friend along, and an option worth considering.

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